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Tailwind CSS

Using Tailwind CSS brings me joy. It’s like a really nice toy I genuinely want to play with.

I don’t really know what it is.

I am not really a front-end person. I run away when I hear front-end. I feel like I am in charge with Tailwind, in contrast to everything else out there. With plain CSS I always doubt in what I am doing. I don’t get the same joy levels with plain CSS or Sass. Quite opposite, they are repulsive. It is always a torture of my soul when I have to do it.

I cannot rationalise it.

Maybe it is only a new shiny toy, or maybe there is something to it. Either way, I will try to use Tailwind when I possibly can solely because it brings joy to me.

Maybe it will finally make me feel confident in my ability to style websites.

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